Gift Hope

“Kids Matter Most” Beanie, Jade Green


At the end of the day, People Matter Most.

You see the best in people, call out their strengths. You listen well and let people know they are heard—that they are worth hearing. You hold gently their dark, tattered edges and you lift them to the light, offering grace, love, kindness.

You see the worth of all people, past income brackets and stereotypes, over border walls and language barriers. You hold out a hand, you open your arms, you stand shoulder-to-shoulder because you believe—you know—that People Matter Most.

Every beanie funds our peacemaking work on the frontlines of conflict in Syria, Iraq, and beyond.


  • 100% embroidered acrylic
  • Wide, ribbed knit
  • Fitted, fisherman style, cuffed hem
  • Mid weight
  • One size fits all


Your gift empowers individuals and families to step forward and remake their lives while maintaining their dignity


Each product you purchase helps restore lives and rebuild communities on the frontlines of Iraq, Syria, and beyond.


Your gift provides what war-torn families need to survive now.

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